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Japanese Kissing Encyclopedia Part 2


Part 1 is here.

This is not as interesting as the first one since I didn’t get the puns ;; the images are interesting nonetheless. Translated from here.


The 20th century is the kissing era. Various revolutionary techniques were born and developed. Here are some examples of such innovations.

1. Ring
This is also known as the “Magician’s Tongue” technique, as done by the Yamamoto siblings. This is a combination of French kissing and Shikisokuzekuu techniques. It involves extending the tongue, then making the tip return to one’s own mouth, bringing together a profound meaning to kissing.

2. Rasen (Spiral)
This is a type of Ring technique. The Yamamoto siblings have managed to complete this technique in their debut, and has earned them fame. In this technique, the tongues are intertwined, but not touching. Such an exquisite form is something everyone wants to perfect.

3. Loop
This is the last of the Ring trilogy of techniques. This is the Yamamoto siblings’ posthumous works. This happens when the extended tongue becomes lonely, so it starts seeking possible partners, continuously prowling around for all eternity.

4. In the Sky
This is the first kissing technique to ever use a horizontal bar. It was first seen and popularized in Atlanta Olympics. This technique is for people who have lost interest in humanity and have decided to yearn for the sky.

5. In the Sky 2
This technique is formed when “In the Sky” was not performed well and instead, the tongues were extended to entwine. This was used to achieve the Sydney Olympics medal. This can also be called the combination of Diving Shrike, Bamboo, and Helicopter.

6. Tsukishiryuu Shikisokuzekuu (Shikisokuzekuu Tsukishima Style)
This is a technique by the leading expert in Shikisokuzekuu, Tsukishima. It involves a feeling of “positive energy” and “negative energy”. From here on, Tsukishima’s tireless pursuit will begin.

7. Chokuritsufutou (Standing in Attention)
This is a style also made popular by Tsukishima—kissing by doing nothing. In order to achieve this stance, about 40 years is needed.

8. Kangaeru Hito (The Thinker)
This is nothing but earnest thinking. This is done by Tsukishima-meijin, but wasn’t as popular as his other works.

9. Mu (none)
This is done by Tsukishima before he completely disappeared. The chair that’s left behind is probably…the kissing part.

There are many other techniques, including Camel Clutch. Or a variant of “Eight-headed Serpent” where the partner is engulfed and then spouted out, hurling him/her like a catapult. Or the acme of French kissing called Ayatori, but since there are so many techniques and this page could only contain so much, we couldn’t fit everything in. For those who would want to learn more about kissing techniques, please read:
- Shoku Nihon Seppun Taisen (The Great Classical Kissing Encyclopedia)
- Hajimete no Seppun (First Kiss)
- Ikenai Hitozuma - Gogo no Jouji (Must Not Covet Another’s Wife - An afternoon love affair)

And done. Let me know if any of the techniques work, okay? :’D

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