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「Glow」を歌ってみた。 (by akaakaaya)

Thanks to Hachi SOBS I finally have a clip that is properly mixed T____T I think I’ll go encode this to a video and then upload it to YT like finally T____T

If kaya is RT 7 times, you will have to draw your fave male character wearing cat ears

Yup. For Rin. 

I tried 

And i think the hair isn’t dark enough (idk the right shade actually) and the tattoo on his face too— idk but i tried

I was trying to do an illustration of Kurohane-san’s Hello, Worker or sth… But this happened OTL 

To the very beautiful and talented, Hachi-chan~
I tried drawing sth chibi for the first time.. I really tried b-but ;A; 

Happy Birthday!! /touchy touchy 

Have a great day ahead (and even more to come)! 

Top Six Photoset of Garry, IB for nunnallyy
C R E D I T S ()

I hope this looks recognizible as Okita, this is my first attempt at drawing a full picture (with colors too) so please pardon all the noob-ness and that horrible clenched fist of mine— /bricked. 

My noob-ness aside, have a great birthday and I wish you good health, good luck and lots of fun and laughter for the years ahead! Stay cheerful and may everything be smooth-sailing for you! 


Last Escort ~Club Katze~, Asato.
Last Escort ~Club Katze~ , Tsubasa.
// Tsubasa's Route Review, if anyone's interested